Handcrafted Lasered & CNC Heirloom Items

A whole NEW Adventure

I’ve always had a love for creative things.  In addition to writing and singing, there was never a time in my childhood that I wasn’t creating or making something with my Mom and our friend Marti (beaded plant hangers, ceramics, macrame, tri-chem fabric painting, candies, etc).   From my Grandpa Archie who was an amazing woodworker, my Grandma Nelly who was a gifted crafter/needlepointer/baker, my Aunt who was an amazing artist to my sister who can work/paint a ceramic piece to perfection, I guess you might say that artistry runs in the family.

I am thankful to God for gifting me with a creative mind, voice and hands and, for blessing me with a family who fostered, encouraged and introduced me to a plethora of different avenues and ideas to help me grow.

Fast forward to today, with the wealth of craftiness, creative genes and support of my amazing husband, I have taken the leap and am now doing what I have always loved to do — creating, designing and fabricating.

Why lasers and CNC you might ask?  Well, why not? It is an amazing process.  You can design and create just about anything and the end results never cease to amaze me.  Each piece is unique and something all of it’s own.  Every time I sit down to design or run a job, it brings a smile to my face.  And, watching the machines work is…well…completely awesome! (I could sit and watch them go for hours in all honesty.)

Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, a new baby, a memorial item or some other event you’d like to celebrate or memorialize; a gift for someone special OR even something for yourself (because you’re worth it), we’d be delighted to create one of our amazing handcrafted products for you.


Fine Artistry & Craftsmanship

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed developing our skills and have now enhanced them through computerized design and the old “hands-on” approach.  Nothing is more satisfying than taking an idea and turning it into a work of art that can be hung on a wall, displayed on a desk or table, or used every day.   We craft each item as if  making it for our own home. Quality and attention to detail is never overlooked.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to part with our creations. But nothing takes the place of the  joy and smiles our creations bring to those who receive them.  

No matter the occasion, we can provide you with a handcrafted lasered & CNC heirloom item that can be handed down and treasured for generations.

A one-of-a-kind heirloom piece is priceless.

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