Enjoy our Featured Lasered Designs & Works 

Below is a sample of some of our favorite projects.  It’s really hard to choose which projects we like the best because each one has a personality and flare all of it’s own. From concept, design, deciding whether to stain or paint a piece (which, because I love color mixing, painting becomes a whole new world) every single creation becomes a unique masterpiece. Sometimes, it’s like trying to decide between your two favorite cookies when you can only have one when it comes to the finishing details (paint, stain, etc.).  The possibilities are endless. 

For any/all custom orders, we will require a non-refundable deposit. A pre-production image will be provided for final approval before it is engraved/cut.  Certain pieces of our featured lasered designs are available for purchase (as is).  Let us know if you want one!

Check out our gallery to see some of our creations which can be customized just for you.   *Special Note:  we cannot sell or reproduce any registered, trademarked or copyrighted images or designs due to licensing.

Keep your eyes out for new items and our online Store (coming soon!!). 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Tissue Boxes

Tissue box designs are so much fun and can be customized for anyone. The design options are endless (they really are). Having a tissue box for that vacation home or designing and gifting one to that favorite person with one of their favorite sayings or activities is what makes these so much fun to create.  

Patriotic memorabilia

This is a multi-layered self standing piece and truly is one of my favorites.  Each star is individually cut out and the silhouettes of the soldiers in the background really makes this piece special.  The saying can be customized and the name of a loved one, rank or dates can be added (space is limited however). 

Signs & Wall Hangings

I just LOVE this one (and so did my niece).  Some/most of the colors are custom mixed and pigments were added for sheen.  Part of the fun in customizing is color-play.  The design is double-layered for strength and weight  Those who grew up in the 70’s know the famous detective to coined the saying.